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Nitro Trader

The NitroTrade indicator is a good assistant for traders who work based on trend strategies. The indicator works based on multiple moving average indicators as well as a proprietary strategy. The NitroTrade indicator is easy to use. To open Buy is it necessary to wait for an upward arrow, to open Sell - downward arrow. The indicator also gives information on the values of multiple indicators at the top right corner, and gives a hint in the form of a text (BUY, SELL) if a signal appears.

The indicator does not repaint its values. If a signal appears, it will remain regardless of the market situation.

Input parameters

  • trix_period - period of the trix indicator
  • ma_period - period of the ma indicator
  • mom_period - period of the momentum indicator
  • global_period - period for the arrows to appear
  • EnableAlerts - send alert when a signal appears
  • EmailAlert - send email when a signal appears
miohai 2017.04.20 09:59 

Спасибо, очень своевременные сигналы на вход, в самом начале тренда