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Trend Harvester

Trend Harvester is yet another trend indicator with flat detection.

It uses price series and Moving Average for detecting market trend.
For better result I would recomend to play with parameters.
Lower periods will force to react to short trends.
Higher periods will try to show longer trands.
You can set the same period for Price Series and Moving Average for quick test.
You can also choose Moving Average type between "Regular" and "Zero Lag".
"Zero Lag" type improves reaction to trend change.
Flat detector can be switched of by putting 0 (zero) to "Filter" input field.
I do play with this indicator usualy on M5 but propobly after some parameters optimization will also show good results on other time frames.
Price applied types are extended for price series with some extra types :

  • Average (high + low + open + close) / 4
  • Average median body (open + close) / 2
  • Trend biased price

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Версия 1.7 2020.09.11
1. Improved signal noise filter
2. Removed signal fluctuation on the current candle
Версия 1.6 2020.09.10
Default settings were tuned for better results by default
Версия 1.5 2020.09.09
Added ability to select Moving Average type "Regular" and "Zero Lag".
"Zero Lag" type improves reaction to trend change
Версия 1.4 2020.09.08
1. Increased recalculation perfomance
2. Decreased CPU usage
3. Default settings changed to catch longer trends
Версия 1.3 2020.09.08
Fixed strategy tester compatibility
Версия 1.2 2020.09.07
Minor changes for better stability