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PZ Super Trend MT5

A top-quality implementation of the famous Super Trend indicator, which needs no introduction. It is completely loyal to the original algorithm, and implements many other useful features such as a multi-timeframe dashboard.

  • Easy to trade
  • It implements alerts of all kinds
  • It implements a multi-timeframe dashboard
  • It is non-repainting and non-backpainting

Input Parameters

  • ATR Period - This is the average true range period.
  • ATR Multiplier - The ATR multiplier which defines the trend.
  • Max History Bars - The amount of past bars to evaluate when the indicator is loaded in the chart. A smaller number means the indicator will load faster.
  • Dashboard - In this parameter group, you can enable or disable the dashboard and customize the colors of all elements the dashboard displays.
  • Alerts - Enable or disable alerts of all kinds.


Arturo López Pérez, private investor and speculator, software engineer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

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