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SubWindow OnOff MT4

The aim of this utility is to handle one or more subwindows in the chart.

There is the possibility to use a botton to open/close the subwindow or two keys of keyboard. If you want to handle more than one subwindow you need to reinstall the indicator. In this case you ought to insert a different name for the subwindow and edit the position of the button.


  • It is possible to shut down the button and use only the keyboard or viceversa.
  • You can assign Ascii numbers so that you can change the keys that fit better for your needs.
  • It possible to setup the height of the subwindow.
  • You can choose the dimensions and the position of the button in terms of pixels.
  • It is possible to customize the color of button: the background and the edge.
  • You can choose the color and the size of the button label.

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