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High Volume Turns

Most of the time, market reversals / pull backs usually follow volume and price spikes thus  these spikes could be the first indication of an exhaustion and possible reversal/pullback. High volume Turns is an indicator that scans the market for price and volume spikes around over-bought/over-sold market conditions. These spikes when spotted serves as the first indication of reversal/pullback.

Note : Though it seems ok now but this is a system that is still under development. We have made it public because we want you to win in forex as much as we want to win. We believe in the power of combined efforts thus we have taken the first step in publishing it for free. We could have been greedy and put a price tag on it because the current system is still good for sale but that wouldn't have helped you. So don't just download and use, please make sure you do your research too and share your ideas of how the system can be made more perfect. Found a way for this system to work for you, please share your trading idea because that is the whole essence of publishing this product for free. If we do not get comments and reviews, we would be forced to take the product down so please help us help you.

How To Use

  • Volume and Price spikes are represented by an arrow. This is the first indication of an exhuastion and not an entry signal
  • Enter signal when momentum candle aligns with the current signal
  • Compatible with all symbols and time frames


  • Volume Spike Index : Used to define volume spike ratio
  • Maximum Entry : Number of bars before breakout is invalid

123Dogged 2019.05.17 11:00   

This is a very interesting indicator for spotting potential reversals. I am testing this in conjunction with Murrey Math Lines ( Gann Octaves). Very useful indicator, thank you for your great efforts.

Martin Brown
Martin Brown 2019.02.15 14:13 

I have found that this indicator works best on the M15, M30, and 1 Hour timeframes. It is also accurate on the 4 Hour it is just a little more difficult to time your entry. I have also found that after you receive the signal, it is best to wait until the start of the next candle to time your entry. You will find that you get signals around Support/Resistance levels, Overbought/Oversold conditions and around Trendlines. I add a 4-Hour trendline to all of my charts. I have found it to be the most reliable (there are numerous automatic trendline indicators in the marketplace). With these things being said, this indicator is VERY ACCURATE IN PREDICTING THE CHANGE IN MARKET DIRECTION.

lejeune Bauvil
lejeune Bauvil 2019.01.20 00:30 

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. For me; it is far better than many $1000 indicator they are selling here or outside. I have found a way to make it work for binary and Forex. Thank you very much. I may give up on many of what I used to call great stategies in the past. Great Job.

sunnychow 2018.11.12 15:12 

Good tools