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Take a Break FREE

This is the demo version of my Expert Advisor "Take a Break". All EA operations are limited to 1 symbol and Chart Group "Default".
Please check the "What's new" tab regularly for a complete and up-to-date list of all improvements + parameters.

The basic idea behind Take a Break is being able to use any EA or indicator you like, pause their operation during news releases, times of increased spreads or time-based and resume their normal operation afterwards.

To prevent unprotected trades, Take a Break will pause your external EAs only when they are not in the market during such times (= no open trades of the external EA).
If the external EAs are in the market already, the utility will pause them after all their open trades were closed - either manually or by their own algorithm.

Example: Let's assume you have a Scalper EA that uses Pending Orders for trading. Usually, this systems works well but you don't feel comfortable about trading during a particular news event, e.g. the NFPs (Non-Farm Payrolls). However, your Scalper EA does not come with a built-in news filter so that you need to stop its operation manually every time. This is where Take a Break comes into play as it will pause your EA's operation automatically by 4 different filter criterias and continue trading afterwards. Of course, it also works the other way around: only trade during news time and pause trading afterwards.

Main features

  • Works with any Expert Advisor or Indicator
  • 4 built-in filters for protecting your trades:
    • news filter
    • spread filter
    • time filter
    • daily profit/loss limit
  • Easy to set up

How to set up

  1. Add the URLs https://ec.forexprostools.com and https://time.is to the list of allowed WebRequest URLs (press CTRL+O, tab Expert Advisors)
  2. Download the FREE Take a Break Indicator and follow the setup instructions.
  3. Configure the EA parameters:
      • --- External EA Settings --- section:
        • External EA - Magic Number: the Magic Number of your external EA (for identifying trades), or "-1" to manage all EAs/trades
        • External EA - Delete Pending Orders: whether Pending Orders of your external EA should be deleted or not
        • Pending Orders are deleted only when there are no open Market Orders of this EA (some EAs use Pending Orders as recovery trades).

    Other Parameters (Excerpt)

    --- News Settings ---

    • Pause during High/Medium/Low Impact News: enable/disable news filters
    • Pause before High/Medium/Low Impact News (minutes)
    • Pause after High/Medium/Low Impact News (minutes)
    • Pause during Non-Farm Payrolls: enable/disable NFP news filter
    • Pause before Non-Farm Payrolls (minutes)
    • Pause after Non-Farm Payrolls (minutes)
    • Draw News Lines on Chart
    • News for current symbol only: if set to "false", ALL available news will be taken into account - even those that may not directly affect the current symbol

    --- Additional Filters ---

    • Maximum Spread (0 = not used): spread filter, set to "0" to disable it
    • Maximum Daily Profit/Loss Limit (0 = not used): enter a daily profit or loss limit in your account's base currency here
      E.g. 100 means "stop trading/load another template when daily profit reaches 100 EUR/USD/..." whereas -100 means "stop trading/load another template when daily loss reaches 100 EUR/USD/...".
      The limit is reset every day at 00:00 terminal time.

    --- Time Settings ---

    • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday Trading: specify trading times as ranges for each weekday and separate them with a comma
      E.g. 04:00 - 06:00,20:00 - 22:00 will trade from 04:00 to 06:00 and from 20:00 to 22:00 (terminal time).

    Feedback, improvements or enhancements are appreciated.

    If you need any assistance, please contact me.

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    Версия 3.5 2020.08.25
    Split the parameter "Daily Profit/Loss Limit" into 2 separate inputs. Remember that the Loss Limit is always specified as a negative value (e.g. -100).
    Версия 3.4 2020.08.25
    Added new parameter "Daily Profit/Loss Limit calculation mode": if set to "Equity", TaB will close all trades immediately and stop trading for the day if Daily Profit/Loss + Floating Profit/Loss exceeds the "Maximum Daily Profit/Loss Limit" (default behavior).

    - Maximum Daily Profit/Loss Limit = -100
    - Daily Profit = 100
    - Floating Loss = -200 -> All trades are closed.

    If set to "Balance", TaB will close all trades and stop trading for the day if Daily Profit/Loss exceeds the "Maximum Daily Profit/Loss Limit" (= this option does not take the Floating Profit/Loss into account).
    Версия 3.3 2020.08.11
    Bug fixes:
    - Terminal crashes / freezes on news time (when multiple instances of Take a Break are used).

    - Improved internal news filter logic which should result in lower CPU usage. Feedback is welcome ;)
    Версия 3.2 2020.07.20
    Take a Break FREE is back by user demand.

    You may use it on any currency pair of your choice to familiarize yourself with the settings. All EA operations are limited to 1 symbol and Chart Group "Default".
    Версия 3.1 2020.07.17
    Final Take a Break FREE version.
    Версия 3.0 2020.07.16
    Major improvements:
    - No need to enter the "News Symbols" manually anymore. Take a Break will get all relevant news for each Chart Group automatically.
    - Only those symbols are paused that are actually affected by the news. E.g. if you manage EURUSD and EURGBP in one Chart Group and there are news for GBP, only your EURGBP chart(s) will be paused.
    - Likewise, if any "Close trades X minutes before ..." option is set, only those trades are closed that are actually affected by the news. E.g. if you manage EURUSD and EURGBP in one Chart Group and there are news for GBP, only your EURGBP will be closed.
    - Revised Control Panel for a better overview of all filters and symbols managed in the current Chart Group.
    - Optimized code structure.

    Bug fixes:
    - Fixed the "Close trades X minutes before ..." option. If there were many news within a short period of time, trades may not have been closed.
    - Fixed the Spread filter which was not working properly after introducing the Chart Groups in version 2.0.
    - Fixed an issue in the MT5 version where Take a Break was still active even after disabling Algo trading in the terminal or the EA settings.
    Версия 2.1 2020.07.07
    Refined news filters:
    - Added parameter "Filter News Events" with the ability to filter for custom news events (e.g. PMI,Rate Statement,CPI).
    - Added parameter "Filter News Symbols" with the ability to filter for custom news symbols (e.g. EUR,USD,GBP).

    Removed parameters:
    - "News for current symbol only"
    Версия 2.0 2020.07.07
    Major update - please reset all EA parameters to take full advantage of it.

    Major improvements:
    - Multi-chart handling is finally here! Please read the updated description for more information.

    Added parameters:
    - "Timezone to reset Daily Profit/Loss Limit"
    - "Chart Group"

    Removed parameters:
    - "Chart ID"
    Версия 1.40 2020.07.01
    Fixed an issue with the Auto GMT Offset detection which can now also be disabled if it fails.
    Версия 1.39 2020.04.28
    - Added new parameter "Check filters on each new tick or by timer": Take a Break will now work OnTick again by default. OnTimer has some drawbacks under certain circumstances which might lead to terminal crashes and improper handling of templates. You can still use "OnTimer" (old behavior) but be aware that this might cause errors.
    - Various minor code improvements
    Версия 1.38 2020.03.15
    Added new option "daily" for parameter "Close ALL trades on": all trades can also be closed on a daily basis now instead of a specific weekday.
    Версия 1.37 2020.02.20
    Fixed a bug in the trade closing logic when "Close ALL trades on" was selected.
    Версия 1.36 2020.02.19
    Added new parameter "Maximum Lots": if the lot size of all trades on the account >= Maximum Lots, the template for "trading is NOT allowed" will be applied.
    Версия 1.35 2020.02.01
    Removed parameters:
    - "External EA - Close all open trades if trading is not allowed"

    Added parameters:
    - "Close trades X minutes before Non-Farm Payrolls/High/Medium/Low Impact News": You can now specify the trade closing time in minutes before a news release.
    - "Time to reset Daily Profit/Loss Limit": Usually, the daily profit/loss limit is reset every day at midnight (00:00 terminal time). If you want to specify another reset time, you can now do so.
    - "Close ALL trades on/at": You can now specify a specific weekday and time for closing ALL your trades (useful if you don't want to keep positions open over the weekend).

    Changed parameters:
    - "External EA - Delete Pending Orders": If this is set to "true", Pending Orders will also be deleted X minutes before Non-Farm Payrolls/High/Medium/Low Impact News or if a weekday and time for "Close ALL trades on/at" is selected.
    Версия 1.34 2020.01.09
    Final adjustments for MT5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/45264
    Версия 1.33 2019.12.30
    Bug fix release which fixes the Auto GMT detection.
    Версия 1.32 2019.12.06
    Another minor bug fix release:
    - Fixed "Array out of Range" error which caused the EA to stop working when it was active for a long time without terminal restart/re-initialization
    - Various minor code improvements
    Версия 1.31 2019.12.06
    Minor bug fix release:

    - Deposits/Withdrawals should not count towards Daily Profit/Loss Limit
    - Code improvements and preparation for MT5 version
    Версия 1.30 2019.11.25
    Major update - please reset all EA parameters to take full advantage of it. MT5 version coming soon!

    Major improvements:
    - Added parameter "Maximum Daily Profit/Loss Limit"
    - Added parameter "Apply this template if Daily Profit/Loss Limit is reached"
    - Added Auto GMT detection (add the URL "http://time.is" to the list of allowed WebRequest URLs in order for this to work)

    Minor improvements and bug fixes:
    - Fixed Spread Filter
    - Fixed several "Array out of range" errors which caused the EA to stop
    - Revised Time Settings ("00:00 - 24:00" is now "all day"; e.g. "05:00 - 06:00" will now trade from 05:00 - 05:59:59)
    Версия 1.20 2018.10.02
    Major improvements:
    - Improved time filter: you can now add unlimited time ranges for every weekday (including weekends for Bitcoin/Crypto trading). To do so, specify them as ranges and separate them with a comma like this:

    10:00 - 18:00,20:00 - 22:00,04:00 - 06:00

    Please note that the specified time ranges must be terminal/broker time in order to work properly.

    Minor improvements:
    - Changed default value for parameter "GMT offset of your broker" to "2" for upcoming winter time
    - Added parameter "External EA - Close all open trades if trading is not allowed" (disabled by default - use with caution)
    Версия 1.10 2018.07.17
    - Некоторые изменения во входных параметрах нуждались в полной реинициализации советника для правильной работы

    - Изменена работа советника для использования миллисекундного таймера вместо тиков