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CS Info

CS Info [Currency Strength Information]

CS Info is the real-time MTF calculation of 28 symbols for the strength of 8 currencies - AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD and USD.  It analyses the trend or momentum/strength  of all 8 currencies to determine high probability currency combinations  and trading opportunities.

Key Features

  • Real-time multi-timeframe calculation from 28 symbols for strength of 8 currencies
  • 4 calculation sets [Multi-timeframe/Many candles]
    • Time frame
    • Candle count
  • Easy to change inputs of each CS calculation sets on screen
  • Easy to use and determine the momentum or strength with graphic presentation
  • Signal Strength/Weakness with different color [based on difference in strength] for each symbol's calculation set
  • Chart tools
    • RNs - To show Round Numbers on charts
    • S/R - To move Support/Resistance line with mouse move
    • S/D - To draw supply/demand zone with extended area
    • Clear - To clear all created objects
  • Easy to draw S/R line with one-click of Trendline object

How to trade with CS Info

Use CS Info to determine the strength of 8 currencies and combine strength with difference in strength between base currency and quote currency for trading opportunity.

  • Use 4 top CS calculation sets to determine the strength of 8 currencies.
  • On top of each calculation set,
    • Click HiLo to show calculation set on chart
    • Click Timeframe to change
    • Click candle count to put new number and enter
  • Click on each currency to list related symbols
  • Click on "Strength/Alphabet" to sort currencies by strength or alphabet [Sorting by strength will use information from Set 1]
  • Click on "Reset" to reset all customized calculation inputs to defaults in Indicator settings
  • Click on "-" to hide all calculation inputs on top of each set
  • Find symbols with difference in strength between Base currency and Quote currency in 4 calculation sets.  The symbol's signal color of each set changes with difference in strength as defined in indicator settings  [Difference in Threshold = 4].  The number can be changed.
  • The signal/trading probability is the strongest when the 4 sets are in the same direction [same color]. The calculation set with the higher timeframe and candle counts must be prioritized.
  • Click on each symbol to find more detail
    • On right, only strength of Base currency and Quote currency will be shown to compare 4 sets.
    • On right, Bid ratio [The bid price is relative to the high/low of each set] will be shown.
  • You can use Chart tools such as
    • RNs to draw Round Numbers on charts
    • S/R to move S/R line with mouse move
    • S/D to draw Supply/Demand with rectangle object
    • Clear to clear all created objects

Indicator parameters

Basic parameters are required.  But most of them can be changed on screen.

  • Symbol suffix  - Symbol suffix
  • .. Add more space  - To fix layout
  • Currency color : Settings  - To define color for each currency
  • Set currency text color - To set currency text color
  • CS Information Panel : Settings
    • Background color - Define background color
    • Highlight par : background - Define active symbol button
    • Distance from Right
    • Distance from Top
  • Lower threshold
  • Upper threshold
  • Differential Threshold
  • CS Calculation Set 1-4
    • Timeframe - Initial timeframe for calculation [Can be changed on screen]
    • Timeframe candle count - Initial candle count for calculation [Can be changed on screen]
    • Line color [HiLo] - Define line color for High/Low of calculation
    • Line width [HiLo] -  Define line width for High/Low of calculation 
    • Set 1-4 color  - Define set 1-4 color
  • Supply/Demand : Settings
    • Extended area : color  - Define color for extended area of S/D zone
  • Round Numbers : Settings
    • Point step
    • Line 1 color - Define color for line 1
    • Line 1 style - Define style for line 1
    • Line 2 color - Define color for line 2
    • Line 2 style - Define style for line 2

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      Versão 1.20 2020.07.24
      What's new
      + presentation layout (All objects should be deleted first : Ctrl+B; List all and Delete)
      Versão 1.10 2020.07.15
      What's new
      + fix object tooltip for each part of information
      + change display column name of Difference in strength between Base/Quotes [from H1 to DIF1, etc]