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Supply Demand Zone Pro

Supply Demand Zone Pro Indicator works with all products and timeframes. It is using a new calculation method, and now you can select the desired zone on any timeframe! Strongest Zones are already enabled by default This is a great advantage in trading.This indicator has a built in backtester enabled by default, just move the chart.

Supply and Demand ?

Supply is a price zone where sellers outnumbered buyers and drove the price lower.

Demand is a price zone where buyers outnumbers sellers and drove the price higher.

How can I benefit from this indicator?

Step1- Look for a strong rally. Then without warning, the price suddenly reverses and drops FAST. That indicates an area of major imbalance - a high-probability Supply Zone. (Vice versa for demand zone)

Step2 - Trade FRESH/IMPORTANT, (S/D) zones. That means, the market price has never tested these zones before.

Note: You can try to trade using the verified zone, but pay attention to that zones.

These are the highest-probability.


Each time the price reaches a zone, that zone becomes weaker and weaker.

Use the zones which were hit 0-1 times!

About Indicator:

 ===========SHOW ZONES==========
Show Important Zone  (Recommended to use it on "True")
Show Verified Zone (Recommended to use it on "True")
Show Turncoat Zone
Show Weak Zone
Show Possible Zone
Show Broken Zone

==========ZONE ALERTS==========
Show Zone Alerts
Popups Zone Alerts
Sound Zone Alerts
Send mail notification
Mobile Notifications
Zone Alert wait seconds

==========STYLE ZONES==========
Filter Zone  (Recommended to use it on "True")
Zone Extend
Zone Solid

==========ZONE FRACTALS==========
 Zone Fuzz Factor
Fractals Show
Fractal Fast Factor
Fractal Slow Factor

==========ZONES TESTING==========
TRUE = scrolling back the chart shows PAST zone "look"
Show button to switch Testing mode On/Off
Testing Button Position X
Testing Button Position Y

mark epsley
mark epsley 2019.11.17 17:00 

Great indicator, no too obtrusive on the chart. Multumesc