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The BinarySignalMt4 indicator has been created for trading short-term binary options. The indicator shows excellent results when trading binary options with a short expiration time. The main advantage of this indicator is the high accuracy of signals. The frequency of the indicator signals depends on the selected timeframe (the signal is generated no more than once a minute on M1, no more than once in five minutes on M5, and so on).

The indicator should be attached to a chart of any timeframe and any trading symbol in the usual way. For trading short-term binary options, it is recommended to use the M1 timeframe and the option expiration time of 30-60 seconds.


  • alert - enable/disable alerts about signals (enabled by default).
  • signal - set a value from 50 to 100; the higher the value, the more accurate but less frequent the signals. The default value of 80 is recommended.

Working with the indicator

  1. Wait for a signal to appear.
  2. Once the signal appears, quickly buy or sell a binary option according to the indicator signal.
  3. Wait for the next signal.
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