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Ind Max Min Lot

The indicator shows the maximum and minimum number of lots, as well as the size of the symbol spread.

This information is needed to make a quick market entry decision based on the deposit maximum. The calculation considers free funds and funds sufficient for opening one lot.

Such situations are common when you participate in various forex contests or trade in the market using your funds to the maximum, as well as during periods of increased or decreased volatility.

The indicator provides the necessary data after it is launched in the symbol window. If you want to change the font size or shift the data in the symbol window, you can do this in the indicator settings (see the screenshot).

  • Fontsize - font size;
  • Xdistance - X coordinate distance in pixels relative to the binding angle;
  • Ydistance - Y coordinate distance in pixels relative to the binding angle.
Gennadiy Voltornist
Gennadiy Voltornist 2017.11.17 11:28 

полезный информационный индикатор