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Harami Indi

Harami is a two candle pattern with recent candle formed inside the previous candle's high and low . It represents indecision in the market and is used for breakout price action trading strategy. 

This indi fires all signals to a dashboard on the chart including pop_up alert, push to phone notification and email.

Harami has two types, bullish and bearish pattern.

Enter long for bullish Harami and enter short for bearish Harami.


Currency Symbols: EURUSD,GBPJPY,USDJPY,USDCAD (default) , user can add more symbols separated by a comma. make sure small and big capital letters are the same as in  MT4 market watch.

Use All Symbols In MT4: set to true will list all symbols in MT4 on dashboard.

History Data: 100 (default) means how many previous bar for indicator to go through.

Pop_up alert: true to activate, false to stop alert.

On Screen Alert: signal noted on top upper left corner. True to activate, false to stop alert.

Push To Phone: send signal to user mobile phone. True to activate, false to stop notify.

Send Email: send signal to user specified email. True to activate, false to stop sending email.

Dashboard Position: user preference.

Text Color:  dashboard text color.

Bullish Harami Color: user preference.

Bearish Harami Color: user preference.

click here to read an article on Harami.

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