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MACrossOver Master

MA Crossover Master


The strategy is based on price crossover with Moving Average indicator, confirmed by Fractal Adaptive Moving average and RSI  indicator.

The default settings are just place holders and not necessarily the best. Use the settings that best suites you or your strategy.

  • OpenBUY - Set to true to allow buy trades. This setting is true by default.
  • OpenSELL - Set to true to allow sell trades. This setting is true by default.
  • StartTakeProfit - take profit value for open orders (default value 5 pips(50 point))
  • RSIperiod - These are settings for the RSI to be used. Default settings are as the default MetaTrader 4 RSI settings (period 14).
  • iFrAMAperiod -Period value of the iFrAMA indicaor.
  • MAPeriodTrend-  Moving Average Trend Period
  • MAMethodTrend -Mode Of the Moving Average(MODE_SMA,MODE_EMA,....)
  • BuyLevel - RSI level of which if crossed upwards.
  • SellLevel - RSI level of which if crossed downwards.
  • MAPeriodShort - Fast Moving Average value
    MAPeriodLong - Slow  Moving Average value
  • ManualLots - This is the lot size of the EAs trades. 0.01 is the default setting.
  • LotStep - Lot Step Value of The EA (This is use for calculate next lot size of the martingale function).
  • MagicNumber - This is the unique identifier for the EAs trades. This number must be different for each chart you've attached the EA only if the chart currency pairs are the same.
  • Komment- comments of the order.
  • Step1_3,Step4_6,Step7_8,Step9_12,Step13 - this values use to manage martingale functions (default settings recommended)
  • Trendfilter - Trend Filter Value (in point) for Fractal Adaptive Moveing Average indicator


  1. More trading opportunities for lower time frame.
  2. minimum 3000$ for One Currency Pair
  3. use 0.01 Lot Size
  4. use low spread currency fair (High Spread Filter Included.)
  5. Use 3 and 5 digit brokers
  6. Test in Strategy tester by changing Manual Lot And Lot Step parameter before Real Trading.

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