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Chart Trader

ChartTrader is a professional trading tool that every trader needs in their toolbox. It has been developed to work with the MT4 Platform.

ChartTrader offers a number of options to make placing orders in the Forex market quick and easy. The GUI sits on the chart window so there is no need to navigate to separate windows when placing orders. The program allows you to set pending and instant orders. It has a built in risk management system, so every trade can risk a percentage or a fixed amount in currency so there is no need to perform any calculations saving you heaps of time.

ChartTrader has been designed by traders. It has been designed to speed up the process and ease of placing trades in the Forex market. It also has many other features such as, you can set your trade to automatically move your stop to break even after a certain amount of pips and also set a trailing stop.

ChartTrader has only one input in the current version that is

  • Extra Pips | Added to Breakeven.

Extra Pips is used by the break-even feature. The idea behind this is that when you close a trade at open price the trade has not made or lost any profit. However some brokers will charge you a commission per trade so we added this feature to compensate for this. The default is 2 pips so when a break-even moves a stop to open price it will add 2 pips to compensate for commission charges.

We recommend that you test ChartTrader on a demo account until you get used to its features.

We hope you enjoy using this product.

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Versión 1.30 2017.08.07
Thanks for using ChartTrader. In this new version, several bugs have been fixed