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MetaCOT 2 CFTC ToolBox MT5

MetaCOT 2 CFTC ToolBox is a special library that provides access to CFTC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission) reports straight from the MetaTrader terminal. The library includes all indicators that are based on these reports. With this library you do not need to purchase each MetaCOT indicator separately. Instead, you can obtain a single set of all 34 indicators including additional indicators that are not available as separate versions. The library supports all types of reports, and provides data on major market participants.

MetaCOT 2 CFTC ToolBox:

  • Provides access to all types of CFTC reports (Commitments of Traders (COT), Dissagregated COT (D-COT), Traders in Financel Futures (TFF), Commitments Index Traders (CIT));
  • Allows developing custom indicators and Expert Advisors on the basis of CFTC reports;
  • Allows to use MetaCOT indicators that are available as source code;
  • Provides an increased number of activations, you can use these indicators for many years.

The library operation requires the CFTC reports to be downloaded and installed on your computer, which can be done with a special report installation utility MetaCOT 2 Install CFTC Reports MT5.

jimjack 2019.11.23 04:15 

doesn't work anymore and owner is not helping!!!

Alessandro Di Pietro
Alessandro Di Pietro 2017.03.17 14:21 

Indicators TOP

Versión 2.53 2018.09.11
- Fix delay error in strategy tester
Versión 2.51 2018.08.29
Version 2.51 (2018.08.16):
- Starting from this version, a new utility for downloading reports is available - MetaCOT Data Provider.
This utility work as Win32 system tray application and download CFTC reports in background mode. If you
use this utility you can make auto update reports from MetaCOT indicators and don't use 'MetaCOT Install CFTC
- 'MetaCOT CFTC Install Reports' tool was upgraded. Now, it contains the new help system. Its general window also was
changed. Now, this window contains information about the status of the connection, a status of the database
(outdated or not) and status of MetaCOT Data Provider Win32 until (install or not).
If this util available 'MetaCOT CFTC Install Reports'
load local files and parse it.
- MetaCOT indicators and Toolbox Library began to contain inner COT data for the most basic symbols. This data can
use if MetaCOT wasn't installed. This option is useful in the strategy tester if the installation was not performed.
- All indicators began to contain the system of update data (mini tool based on 'MetaCOT CFTC Install Reports').
If you use MetaCOT Data Provider utility, you can update reports automatically and don't use 'MetaCOT Install CFTC
Reports'. For this case, you need switch on new parameter 'AutoUpdate' in position true.
- Added parameter 'Not Show Continues Data'. If this flag is enabled - last unknowing values are empty. Otherwise
last unknowing values continue.
- Added control for bad combination parameter. If you select nonreportable group of trades and also select Data Type
as 'Number of Traders' you will see message 'Incorrect combination of parameters'.
- Removed parameter 'Data Type' for Largest COT indicators group. This parameter not effect for largest traders.
- Fixed a bug in strategy tester. When any indicators were started in strategy tester it's valued was intermittent.
- Fixed a bug that caused an error 'invalid pointer access' in some cases
- Now all MetaCOT indicators and ToolBox Library contain additional GUI forms and MessageBox for more user friendly.
The work of indicators has become clearer.
Versión 2.13 2017.06.26
- Fixed bug: in the previous versions of ToolBox, the "Futures Only" report was actually displayed regardless of the report type specified ("Futures Only" or "Futures And Options").
- Internal fixes related to the releases of new versions of MetaTrader and MQL. MetaCOT now fully complies with the new language standard.
Versión 2.12 2017.04.07
Version 2.11
- Fixed the error that caused the data to be redownloaded, even if the data have been downloaded earlier. This error caused a significant slowdown of the indicator operation in the strategy tester and loaded the computer hard drive.
- Now, all indicators are compiled from the source codes of MetaCOT ToolBox. A common code base prevents errors in individual indicators and further synchronizes the code management.