Requesting an EA that places and monitor trades according to messages received in a Whatsapp group. A Whatsapp To Telegram API can be used to make things easier

2020.02.06 Experts Integration


I want to place and manage trades accordng to a Whatsapp trading group. The EA needs to read messages and identify the key words I want (that can be set in the EA) which will define if it is a buy/sell market order, or buy/sell stop/limit order according to the content of the message. It can also close an order or add a new averaging order as the new chat messages arrive during the day with instructions for it. All the main words and parameters the EA shall look for it will be explained to the chosen developer (and these words/parameters can be modified by the user in the EA settings).

I want to make it simple but effective. Besides it, I need some basic order managing options like trailing, daily gain or loss target that the EA will stop trading. I also need the EA to set the Lot/Contract size on each trade according to the maximum risk in capital I´m willing to use and according to the Stop Loss size.

To do this bridge, I believe the developer can use some of the new Whatsapp APIs available in the market (If a Company is offering a good API that needs a monthly payment, it can also be discussed if that makes thins easier). Or the developer can use some of the Whatsapp/Telegram bridges availavle in the internet, and them use a Telegram bot to communicate with the EA.

Thanks in advance!

Project information

50 - 90 USD
For the developer
45 - 81 USD
from 5 to 10 day(s)


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