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Execution time of Stop orders vs Market Orders

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Tom Maryland
Tom Maryland 2013.11.29 15:55 

Hi,in your experienced opinion/s what is safer, to place a pending(buy/sell stop) at a price level you want to open an order at, or to wait until the price gets to that point and open an order.(Is there a difference? I know that in stocks you might not get filled,but in forex i'm not sure)

I am asking from the perspective of the EA. For example,if I want to enter at 1.3400 and price suddenly jumps to 1.3440 will it make a difference if my ea placed a pending order or when price arrived at around that point it wouldve placed it?


whroeder1 2013.11.29 16:56  
Pending order Market order by EA
Price gaps upopened at marketmay or may not open depending on how you coded it.
loose connectionopened at market (better have TP, SL set)No connection EA can't open.
slow connectionopened at marketEA must wait for tick to arrive and request to return to server and process all orders placed before yours.
Tom Maryland
Tom Maryland 2013.11.29 17:35  
wow, i totally forgot about the potential connection problems,thank you.
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