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Experiencing problems with email tool on MT5

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unitrader16 2016.02.05 14:45 

Hello everyone,


I´ve been experiencing some problems with my email tool on MT5. Most times, it sends normally, but some times it does not, and apparently, it does not try again. 

This is crucial for me to know when the trades come through, especially because I cannot be online all the time.


This is what shows on MT5´s log:


-- MailDispatcher login to failed [failed send data, server error code [220]]

I would appreciate if someone has experienced the same and can help me out with this. 


Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2016.02.05 17:58  

You should write to ServiceDesk about such issue.

If you do it by code, you can check it's well sent and re-try if not.

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