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Trevor 2016.02.05 19:56 
Hello. Need to ask a question about VPS. Wondering if someone can advise. I copy a signal from a provider.  The signal provider broker is RoboForexeu-Procent

Mine is ironfx-real1. I use my terminal from South Africa. Over 250ms 

Will using the VPS help and at what point is the copy signal sent to the subscribers. Where are those servers located?

Any help and would be appreciated. 

Alexander Long
Alexander Long 2016.02.05 21:35  

have a look here. 

roboforex eu is located in london, and your broker is located in amsterdam. If in MT4 you right click on your account/signal and select "register server", you can have a look at what servers are available. Just pick the one with the lowest latency (can probably get one <10ms). explains where the signals get routed, but if you have a VPS located in Amsterdam/London you will be executing at your broker within <15ms of the person you are following executing at their broker. Will make a huge difference vs over 250ms. Plus an even bigger benefit is you don't have to leave your computer on all will easily save more than the $10 it costs per server in electricity. 

The other thing you need to do though is check the slippage tab on the signal you are subscribing to. Some brokers will not copy trades as well due to having differing prices/spreads compared to the broker of the signal provider. 

Mehrdad Shiri
Mehrdad Shiri 2016.02.05 21:43  
use same broker the provider use.
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