EAs don't work on my specific computer.



Any EA, of any source works on one of my computers.

I have many EAs that I use every single day. I have other people using the same EAs that I do and tonight I went to trade the Hong Kong opening as usual, loaded the EAs on my multiple charts, different strategies and none of them worked. So I found weird and went to try the same EAs on a different MetaTrader from a different broker. It didn't work either. So I opened on my other computer the same exact thing, and on my other computer everything works fine, is just this specific computer that won't work any EA of any kind, on any metatrader I have on this specific computer.

PS.: I have accounts on 5 different brokers,  every one of them is logged on different MT provided by the broker, but still, none of them work. 

I check the settings to see if the EA is allowed to trade and manage positions, and everything looks correct, I traded this morning and it was fine.

The Journal doesn't show any error message or alert