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Perfect trend line: Perfect trend line Author: Mladen Rakic
New article MetaTrader 5 on Linux is published: Linux is a Unix-like computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution. Linux systems are widely used in smartphones and server hardware. Many home PC users prefer it to MS Windows series...
Extended Awesome Oscillator (AO) with alerts: Probably the best Awesome Oscillator (AO) available with zero line crossover and signal line alerts. Author: Zenoni
HarmonikManual: This indicator will show the name of the pattern by placing point XABCD manually and also will search the next Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ) automatically. Author: MasKabul
Account Watch - Control entries : If you can't watch your statistics and your game plan at all time, your emotions will take control and you will start taking ENTRIES such as revenge trade especially when you lose it. Author: Mario Gharib
Currency Strength : "Currency Strength" EA finds the strongest\weakest currency from 8 major currencies and trades with moving averages, has Trailing Stop Loss &Take Profit works on all time frames major Forex pairs. Author: Aharon Tzadik
New article MQL as a Markup Tool for the Graphical Interface of MQL Programs. Part 2 has been published: This paper continues checking the new conception to describe the window interface of MQL programs, using the structures of MQL. Automatically creating GUI based on the MQL markup provides
EasyAndFastGUI library for creating graphical interfaces: The EasyAndFastGUI library allows creating graphical interfaces for custom MQL programs. Author: Anatoli Kazharski
Bollinger Bandwidth: An investigation of the Bollinger band has shown that when the bandwidth (distance between the top and bottom bands) is below 4, the market is compressed and about to break out. When the bandwidth reaches 11, there is a strong wave for scalp trading. Be Author: Larry
Hull moving average: Hull moving average (non-repainting version) Author: Mladen Rakic
No Nonsense Backtester: This EA is for testing No Nonsense Forex algos. With this EA you can test your algos much faster than eyeballing, using Soft4x or using any other EAs in Strategy tester. Author: Karel Nagel
New article Random Walk and the Trend Indicator is published: Random Walk looks very similar to the real market data, but it has some significant features. In this article we will consider the properties of Random Walk, simulated using the coin-tossing game. To study the properties of the data, the...
New article Continuous Walk-Forward Optimization (Part 1): Working with Optimization Reports has been published: The first article is devoted to the creation of a toolkit for working with optimization reports, for importing them from the terminal, as well as for filtering and sorting the obtained
New article Continuous Walk-Forward Optimization (Part 7): Binding Auto Optimizer's logical part with graphics and controlling graphics from the program has been published: This article describes the connection of the graphical part of the auto optimizer program with its logical part. It considers
MQL5 Wizard - Candlestick Patterns Class: The MQL5 Wizard allows creating ready-made Expert Advisors based on the Standard library classes delivered together with the client terminal.  It allows to check your trade ideas quickly, all you need is to create your own trading signals class. The...
Design patterns - Prototype (creational) : Create objects by copying a prototype Author: DMITRII PECHERITSA
Reversal: The indicator displays trade opening signals based on the author's 'Reversal' trading system. Author: Sergey Vradiy
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MultiTrader: Trading and analysis dashboard which usually provides great trading opportunities during daytime. Author: Mani Heshmat
Scalp All: This script opens random position at market price on all symbols having spread below specified value. Author: Mokara
Fast In Fast Out for Fast Money: FIFO strategyWhen all the market movement makes you have lost, This ea makes a good profit with a little profit with many orders in a short time Just on a Candle. Author: Faeze Bakhshayesh
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Super-signals: This indicator is very simple to use: red arrow - sell signal, blue arrow - buy signal. Exceeds its analogues, such as Hi-Lo, Trend and others, by several times. Works on any timeframe and with any currency pair. Author: John Smith 
ZigZag Pointer: The indicator is similar to ASCTrend, in my opinion it is even better. Works by the system: High - Low. Author: John Smith
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Signals: A solution for those who can not devote much time to the analysis of the current situation on the Forex market and to making correct and confident decisions, that are an integral part of online trading. Author: John Smith
Trendsignal indicator version 2: Trendsignal indicator with potential area drawn on chart. Author: pankaj bhaban
New article Universal Expert Advisor: Custom Strategies and Auxiliary Trade Classes (Part 3) has been published: In this article, we will continue analyzing the algorithms of the CStrategy trading engine. The third part of the series contains the detailed analysis of examples of how to develop...
Power of USD with average : Power of USD indicator shows actual strength of currency USD calculated of 7 pairs that contain USD. Indicator can be used for strategies based on mean reversion and/or correlation. Included pairs: EUR USD, AUD USD, NZD USD, GBP USD, USD JPY, USD CAD, USD CHF. Author: JAN
ClusterBox - vertical cross-section of the market: Tick volume of the candlestick drawn as clusters. Author: Ihor Herasko
New article Trading Signals in MetaTrader 5: A Better Alternative to PAMM Accounts! is published: We are pleased to announce that MetaTrader 5 now features Trading Signals, thus giving a powerful tool to investors and managers. While you are following the trades of a successful trader, the terminal...
New article Payments and payment methods is published: built-in services offer great opportunities both to MQL5 developers and ordinary traders with no programming skills. But all these features can't be implemented without in-house secure payment system, that provides a convenient
New article Ready-made Expert Advisors from the MQL5 Wizard work in MetaTrader 4 has been published: The article offers a simple emulator of the MetaTrader 5 trading environment for MetaTrader 4. The emulator implements migration and adjustment of trade classes of the Standard Library. As a result,...