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DailyPivotPoints: The DailyPivot Points indicator helps to compose a picture of market future movements, in distinct from the other tools that hang behind the market. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
b-SharingDoW: The receiving of the EA testing results by the days of week. Author: Igor Kim
L_Correlation: The correlation coefficient between the quotes charts of two currency pairs. Author: lotos4u
New article A Pattern Trailing Stop and Exit the Market has been published: Developers of order modification/closing algorithms suffer from an imperishable woe - how to compare results obtained by different methods? The mechanism of checking is well known - it is Strategy Tester. But how to make an...
The pattern MACD - head and shoulders. Good but on rare occasions.: A trade strategy that functions with the pattern MACD "head and shoulders" Author: Юрий
ZigAndZag_trader: At Bookkeepers request, Ive made an "egzpert advizor" by the ZigAndZag indicator, published at: Author: Rustamzhan Salidzhanov
MultiIndicatorOptimizer: The EA uses 5 indicators. Author: Александр
Universal Investor: A universal EA for the long-time, portfolio trading. Author: Олег
et4 MTC v1: A universal template for MTS developing. Author: Golden Lion
New article How to Become a Participant of Automated Trading Championship 2008? has been published: The main purpose of the Championship is to popularize automated trading and accumulate practical information in this field of knowledge. As the Organizer of the Championship, we are doing our best to...
Weekly_HILO.: Indicator Weekly_HILO. It represents HiGH and LOW prices. Author: John Smith
Polish Layer Expert Advisor System Efficient - at a glance: "PLEASE": This EA based on indicators: RSI, WPR%, Stochastic, Moving Average, deMarker. Only 15 MIN charts I recommend Author: Piotr
The MasterMind 2 (Version2.0): 10K Flipped to 666K Under 3 Months, 60.04 Profit Factor...Have Fun! Code Pushes 3 Lots(Maximum) at a Time. Author: L.Bigger
New article Integrating MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal with MS SQL Server has been published: The article gives an example of integrating MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal with MS SQL Server using a dll. Attached are both source codes in С++ and in MQL4, and a ready-made and compiled Visual C++ 6.0 SP5...
gpfTCPivotLimit: A TS based on the kickback from intraday levels calculated by indicator Pivot is implemented. Author: George F.Peskov
CandRelation: A try to formalize three parameters of a candle - the upper, lower shadows and the body. Author: o_O
TrendLineRange: The indicator informs about that the price is approaching to support/resistance line in 3 positions. Author: Сократилин Алексей
Indicator nEMA: TEMA and DEMA are next of kin Author: Victor Nikolaev
ZigZagHistory: Besides already fixed bars, the indicator shows the intermediate static positions of the ZigZag indicator. It will be helpful for those developing systems based on ZigZag. Author: o_O
New article Show Must Go On, or Once Again about ZigZag has been published: About an obvious but still substandard method of ZigZag composition, and what it results in: the Multiframe Fractal ZigZag indicator that represents ZigZags built on three larger ons, on a single working timeframe (TF). In...
The MasterMind: Demo it First... $5000 Flipped To $243K in 3 Months. Coders Needed, Not Finished. Author: L.Bigger
News: Trading on news. Author: danila_v_3okone
Otcfx_b-clock modified V3.2: Indicator Otcfx_b-clock modified V3.2. Another version of the recommended indicator. Author: John Smith
Priliv_s: Reversal indicator. It represents 3 lines of different colors showing the trend speed on the current, the nearest larger and the next larger timeframe (TF). Author: John Smith
SignalTable: An original indicator that shows buying/selling signals. Author: John Smith
New article Expert Advisors Based on Popular Trading Systems and Alchemy of Trading Robot Optimization (Cont.) has been published: In this article the author offers ways to improve trading systems described in his previous articles. The article will be interesting for traders that already have some...
Fractals. : A standard indicator Fractals, that doesnt redraw the lasr fractal.... Author: Alexei Kharchenko
MacdPatternTraderv02: The pattern of the MACD trend continuation Author: Юрий
gpfTCPivotStop: TS on the break through of daily resistance/support levels of the Pivot indicator. Author: George F.Peskov
MVV_LinearRegression: The standard linear regression channel and support/resistance levels. Author: Владимир