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AutoDayFibs: Automatically draws Fibonacci Retracement lines from yesterdays range, or todays range. Author: Jason Robinson
DoubleCCI_Woodies: A two CCI with the coloured trend bars Author: Jason Robinson
Coloured Days on Chart: This indicator separates the days into two different colours on the chart. Author: Jason Robinson
Multi pair MACD: The Multi pair MACD indicator. Another variant of MACD, shows the signals for the following pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD и USDCAD. Author: John Smith
MACD_Colored_v103: A new version of indicator MACD Colored. Author: John Smith
New article The Statistic Analysis of Market Movements and Their Prognoses has been published: The present article contemplates the wide opportunities of the statistic approach to marketing. Unfortunately, beginner traders deliberately fail to apply the really mighty science of statistics....
Indicator WSO + WRO + Trend Line: The indicator is almost 2 years old. I didnt lay it out, because I had no idea of how to use it. Author: Sergey
MoR: The indicator MoR. Author: John Smith
MacdPatternTraderv04. Double peak. From $200 - $1900.: An excellent work for the future. A high profitableness. Author: Юрий
VoltyChannel_Stop_v2.1: Another version of indicator VoltyChannel_Stop. Author: John Smith
gazonkos: EA named "gazonkos" produces small profits, but does it often. Author: Павел Смирнов
PriceTrender2: The indicator is used to check price locations. Author: John Smith
Reverse: It reverses all the positions on the current symbol. Author: Igor Kim
Average Volatility: The script performs the calculation of the average volatility of the symbol on the specified interval. Author: Igor Kim
CrossMA: Almost classical TS based on the intersection of two MA. Author: George F.Peskov
ModifyOrder: The modification of an order (position) using the mouse - the second script from the "GMO" ("Graphical Management of Orders") series. Author: Andrey Khatimlianskii
InnOutBar_mtf: Another indicator that displays the signals for buying and selling. Author: John Smith
InnBar_mtf: The indicator InnBar_mtf. Author: John Smith
EntropyMath : It calculates the entropy by the relative position of benchmarks. Author: Aleksandr Pak
b-Account: This library was created for testing the portfolio of expert advisors. Author: Igor Kim
SHE kanskigor: Who wanted 5 points per day? Author: Игорь
Silver-sen: The main line, the Silver-channels is drawn on the base of it. Author: Alexandr
Kijun-sen+: It draws the Kijun line with the specified period on the chart and allows to draw the line with the KijunShift periods forward. Author: Alexandr
T3.Lnx: Indicator T3.Lnx. It uses signals Heiken Ashi. Author: John Smith
BW MFI + Volumes: An update for the BW MFI with the displaying of volumes. Author: Alexandr
ZZ_TimeWinter 1-1000.mq4: YURAZs library, determining the switch to dayllight saving time and revert to standard time Author: Yuriy Zaytsev
Summary Report In Points: A script for valuation of trades history that is uploaded to the client terminal. The valuation is performed in points. Author: Slawa
SendPendingOrder: Placing a pending order using the mouse - the first script from the "GMO" ("Graphical Management of Orders") series. Author: Andrey Khatimlianskii
Indicator of Trading Sessions: The indicator shows the beginnings and the ends of three trading sessions: Asian, European, and American. Author: Igor Kim
StepMA: A "Moving" from the board without breaks! Author: Nikolay Kositsin