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Trend Indicator for several timeframes: It shows a trend table for a several timeframes in the bottom left corner of the chart. Author: Vladimir Khlystov
  Experts: AIS5 Trade Machine  (21   1 2 3)
AIS5 Trade Machine: Alfa Release English Author: Airat Safin
  Experts: Scalpel EA  (19   1 2)
Scalpel EA: A EURGBP/GBPUSD non-scalper robot Author: rob
Create your own neural network predictor easily (example: MA and RSI Predictors): Ive modified the "Next price predictor" posted by gpwr to allow any developer to create its own BPNN predictor easily, even without understanding how a neural network works. So easy even beginners can do it. Included:...
The signal lines with alert after crossing: When the price is approaching to the Signal Lines, the indicator sends Alert. Author: Vladimir Khlystov
Market browse: This script will allow you to use the information about the market watch and the client terminal settings. It can be very useful to study the client terminal and market watch options. Author: kuzya
Stairs strategy: The multicurrency expert, which uses the "Stairs" strategy Author: Андрей
Multi Timeframe Candles: Display Candles from a higher timeframe on top of your current chart (ex: see H1 candles on top of a M5 line chart) Author: Julien
SLTP Currency: This EA will use the deposit currency as Stop Loss and Take Profit for each trade, once profit or loss has been reached it will close the entire trade. Author: buju
MultyPeriod: The indicator allows to display candle schedules of the different time periods in one window Author: Денис Орлов
Hodrick Prescott Indicator: MA-like indicator based on Hodrick Prescott Filter Author: rob
  Indicators: Linear_Sinus_FT  (13   1 2)
Linear_Sinus_FT: Индикатор Аппроксимации Синусоидальных волн. Author: Aleksandr
The adviser on the indicator ZigZag.: The adviser on the indicator ZigZag. Author: IURII TOKMAN
ADX Simple but profitable EA: Using only ADX, this ea can make money, work better on M30 Author: Rafael Maia de Amorim
to_ind_Better_Bollinger_Band: Улучшенные полосы Боллинджера Author: Dmitry Fedoseev
v35260_Colored: Продолжение темы "..взгляд по другому...", на этот раз работаем с Haiken Ashi. Author: igor
Yet another MA Angle counting: An alternative version for counting MA Angle. Author: KoliEr Li
  Indicators: ImpulseOsMA  (11   1 2)
ImpulseOsMA: Индикатор MACD, совмещённый с гистограммой MACD, усовершенствованный для использования импульсной торговой системы, предложенной А. Элдером. Author: dzenchar
TradeProtector-1.0 - Automatic Stop Loss and proprotional Trailing Stop: If you have placed order and suddenly have to leave: dont panic! This EA will set initial SL (if you havent done it yet), and after your position will reach settable profit threshold, TradeProtector will start to apply...
ChartPlusChart V2: Program for logging of non-market quotations from brokerage companies with MetaTrader platform. Author: Pavel
  Indicators: GG-RSI-CCI  (20   1 2)
GG-RSI-CCI: This indicator informs you about the trend and offers a good entry possibility. Author: Gordon Gekko
  Experts: Orders Guardian  (12   1 2)
Orders Guardian: This EA can help users to manage opened orders. It takes line objects and indicator curves as tp and sl. When the price reaching them, it will close the orders. Author: Greatshore
ComFracti_v2 , Comfracti_final : Update 2009.10.25 Author: Mich
This indicator throws Buy/Sell signals upon breaking levels: This custom indicator waits the price to reach specific zones and the custom indicator takes decisions for buying or selling. Author: Joe Chalhoub
MACD Signals for MetaTrader 5: Indicator edition for new platform. Author: Андрей
ChartPlusChart: The program allows you to compare quotes of any two MetaTrader brokerage firms. Author: Pavel
ytg_Day_candle: The indicator shows the ranges of price movement during different trade sessions. Author: IURII TOKMAN
DeleteByName: Clears the chart of all objects with the name beginning on the specified prefix Author: Денис Орлов
  Experts: ComFracti  (18   1 2)
ComFracti: Fractals + owersold/overbouth levels . Optymizable:) Author: Mich
WPRSI_signal: Signals beginning buy (sales). Intersection indicators WPR and RSI. Author: gumgum