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The Moving Average Indicator, based on the Quasi-Digital Filter.: The Moving Average Indicator, based on the Quasi-Digital Filter. The MACD Indicator as example of its use is presented. Author: VladMsk
Big Times: This indicator reflects the positive difference between the High and Low of the period. Author: mt-coder
BB 3sigma: Bollinger Bands +-3sigma. You can change period and sigma ratio (Proper size of Deviation is 0.5~1.0). Bollinger Bands Indicator (BB) is similar to Envelopes. The only difference is that the bands of Envelopes are plotted a fixed distance (%) away from the moving average, while the...
Average Change V 0: This is the basic version of the Average Change indicator Author: mt-coder
Indicator Pivot Multi Time: Indicator that shows two resistance levels, 2 levels of support and pivot, they calculated the traditional way. Author: Diego Vallejo
USD Strength Effect Indicator: This indicator uses the position and direction of 7 pairs to gauge the overall effect that (by default) the USD currency may have on the pair that you are trading. Base currency can be changed. Author: marc weedbrook
psar bug 3: Opens and closes orders using parabolic SAR Author: Tonny Obare
IFR Trading Page Plotter: Plots price level and open positions from the IFR trading pages provided via the FXNews program offered to accounts registered with OANDAs FXTrade and FXGame platforms. Author: Jason Hooper
Market-Heart-Beat: The indicator will show how many ticks occurred every minute of an hour and the number of points. Author: Leonid Basis
EA: ytg_Speed_MA_ea: The adviser uses the indicator Moving Average. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Average Change: Average Change Indicator Author: mt-coder
sH Bulls n Bears: This indicator shows both powers of the Bull and Bear, the market volume excluded. Author: mt-coder
Close-Low: Close-Low indicator by mt-coder Author: mt-coder
H Bulls n Bears: This indicator trys to indentify the dominanting power in the market. Author: mt-coder
Simple Volume: This indicator shows the interaction between price open and the periods volume. Author: mt-coder
ChannelBalance: This indicator is based upon the Channels indicator. It calculates, percentagewise, whether price action is towards the top or bottom of the channel. Author: Shon Shampain
Channels: This indicator calculates the high / low channel that price action has been moving in, for a given currency pair and a given (parameter) number of candles. This indicator, on the one hand, is interesting because it allows you to see the "road" that price Author: Shon Shampain
BB_Support_Up: Bollinger Bands on the current TimeFrame and from next three "Up" Author: Leonid Basis
MA_monika_SAR: 2 indicators(MA_Support and Para_B) in 1. TimeFrame from M1 to H4. Author: Leonid Basis
BB_Support: Bollinger Bands on M1 from major TimeFrames Author: Leonid Basis
EA_MA_Email: A simple EA that sends e-mail alert whenever there is moving average crossover Author: victor
Minute Overlay Indicator for Sub Window: The indicator will draw vertical lines every hour or any minute that you desire within the hour as long as a candle closes on that minute over the top of other indicators in the sub window. Author: marc weedbrook
MA_Support_SAR: Two indicators MA_Support and Para_B Author: Leonid Basis
RSI Band: The RSI indicator, applied to Moving Average Author: Leonid Basis
True Range Bands: My version of the famous indicator Author: Leonid Basis
a simple RKD Expert advisor based on a specified custom RKD indicator: This is a simple Expert Advisor that uses custom RKD indicator. The code describes how a specified custom RKD indicator can be used in MetaTrader 5 Expert Advisor. The better results for EUR/USD, GBPUSD - 30mins, 1H and 2H...
Price Change Indicator: A simple indicator that shows the price change, in pips, per candle. Author: Shon Shampain
Para_B: Parabolic SAR on the M1 from all Time Frames Author: Leonid Basis
DollarIndex: A volume-adjusted reading of the net flow of USD as measured by all 7 major currency pairs. Author: Shon Shampain
mslmsh - Market structure low/high: This indicator looks at local high/lows. It connects the points and finds where a local high and low appears many times. Depending on how many times a local high/low appears, it draws colored lines into the chart. Author: Thomas Quester