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Choon Chiat Teoh  

May i ask some technical issue?

Once the strategy provider,

  1. the monthly cost will direct deduct client MT4 account?
  2. the follower once follow the strategy provider, the fee indicated will direct credit to provider by monthly basis?
  3. is there any hidden cost beside the subscription fee and strategy provider cost?


Carl Schreiber  
Does anybody knows whether there exists some statistics about signals or EAs with number of offers, profits, buyers or subscribers, prices, client satisfaction, ...
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz  
Moattar Hussain:
Hello there,   i wanted to give free signals, but i was prompted that the subscription fee cant be less than 20$. but i have seen many free signals on this website. Please allow me to provide free signals. 
free signals are for demo accounts
good  mql5 team ...good luck to all
azaharul islam  
It is very good opportunity for traders. If, any trader would be a signal provider then he need mus gaining trade for make him signal provider and take profit. Little profit is enough from Forex market.It's need for long time tolerance . Greedy trader could not be a signal provider. Because of, as a signal provider , trader's needful a good draw-down. Always, investor want a good draw-down.
hadher ramadhan  
Is there any restrictions to use another computer to send my signals withe the same mt4 account???