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Oh, how can you find it? :) i tried to find but cant see it on the list of signals

Hi read this FAQ and follow recommendations for your signal.


Alexey does want members as freelance and sellers. Want


i am a signal provider. but wonder how my signal can be free?


Only demo accounts must be free.
Erfan Shamsolkotabi:

i'm a signal provider.

can i start with 0$ and after that change it to 20$? 

Minimal price is 20$ for real signal. Demo account always free.
Stuart Browne  
This stinks, in some ways.  I understand not charging at all from a demo account, but if a person is offering a signal on a live traded account, and wants to do so for free, that choice should be available to them.  I know it is not your choice Aleksey, just using your post as example.
Sneha Garg  


i am getting a message for invalid authorization while creating signals, moreover, my trades are not being updated and i am getting the following messages:

the numberof deals on the account is too small to evaluate trading quality

This is a newly opened account, and the trading results may be of random nature

Low trading activity - only 2 trades detected in the last month

can you tell me whats the problem and how can it be solved