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Eleni Anna Branou  
I have already been verified in the seller section but why is is that no subscription is allowed till now? See screenshots for my verification and the error im facing

You are not a seller yet, you can check that here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/marvinpogi08/seller

The message probably meant that your registration as a seller was completed, but is not approved yet.

In any case you can contact the Service Desk.

Eleni Anna Branou  
Ali Sarshad:

I have a 1000$ cent account and I want to subscribe a signal that works on a 50$ standard account now with 10% average profit.

Is my profit calculated according to my deposit or signal provider deposit ? (100$ or 5$ per month)

Should I change my account type to standard ?

Profit will be proportional (%), the cent account shouldn't be a problem.

Eleni Anna Branou  
Mohd Fahmi Bin Mokhlis:
so after subscribe as signal seller, i need to wait 1 month wether i pass or not right?

You are a seller already, what do you mean?