Do You Want to Write an Article? The New Publishing System Will Help You!


Over the years of MQL4 and MQL5 languages development we have published 380 articles on various subjects that are of interest to traders. These are the subjects on trading systems development, programming languages learning, mathematical methods, neural networks and much more. Of course, the vast majority of these articles have been written by traders and for traders. We would not have been able to cover all the subjects.

Many times we have called our potential authors to write articles for a fee but that is not all. Our authors can confirm that they received support and useful tips from our moderators while preparing their articles and our designers helped to improve the images. It was important for us not only to deliver some interesting information but to make it easy to understand. To achieve this, we sometimes argued with our authors and asked them to rewrite some parts of their articles.

And finally the idea has flashed upon us that we still have much to do to make the life of our novice authors easier. It is always difficult to start doing something new and profession of a writer has always rightfully deemed to be creative and difficult enough. We have analyzed the whole process of an article preparation and co-operation with the authors and created the new articles publishing system!

  1. The wise man once said that a theater begins with a hanger. If so, then a good article starts from creating a Plan. And the first step is considering the names of the main article sections. You also need to choose some draft title and a category for your future article.
  2. At the second step we will give you some tips on inserting screenshots, source codes, sections arrangement and writing style.
  3. Next, we will provide some explanations concerning formatting: applying lists, tables and images.
  4. At the fourth step we will explain how to improve a logical structure of your article using links and anchors. It is really quite simple!
  5. And finally, after all these helpful recommendations, you will be fully prepared to write your article without losing too much time to get used to the built-in editor. At the fifth (and the most important) step you will write your article, edit its description and think of its icon. 

In the new system, we have considered all the previous experience of co-operating with the authors and tried to make the whole process of writing an article as clear and detailed as possible. All you have to do is to click "Add a new article" button and you will be brought through all steps in the most convenient manner - our tips will reveal the most critical things like inserting a code, making a screenshot for your article and much more. Also, we will soon publish the article on using this new system.

Get used to the new publishing system, look for interesting subjects and do not forget that we pay no less than 200 credits per article immediately at the moment of publication. Click "Add a new article" button and go for it right now!