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There certainly is a Holy Grail! - page 19

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Icham Aidibe
Icham Aidibe  

Carré Rouge : 

... because it's also possible to take 40€ purely from the arbitrage , hehehe 

Carmine Pinto
Carmine Pinto  

Here is an actual Holy Grail that not even Carmine Pinto can disagree with.

EuroDollar Monthly Holy Grail indicated by the customized Stochastic triggers.

Carmine Pinto, tell me the above is not a Holy Grail 100% correct in its signals for the last 18 years.

Carmine, trade that and you will become the richest person in the world. :-)

For you to say that there is no such thing as a "Holy Grail" is the same as saying there is no such thing as the human race.

(Note from Moderator: We wish to remind our users that there is only one human race. There is thus no such logical concepts as "racist", "racism" or "inter-racial". The use of the words "racist", "racism" and "inter-racial" are thus strictly forbidden on this forum.)

OH! How many holy grail do you know? It seem that you can find "holy grails" everywhere  :D

Actually you switched from M3 charts to Monthly charts, OMG this is a big jump!

So, now you discovered that bigger time frames are much more accurate from technical indicators perspectives but... is this a strangeness? If I could get enough datas, I would show you yearly charts to prove you that signals are even more accurate (we are talking about yearly charts!!!)

Those things above are nothing magical nor special and they have been known since long time, even childrens know what you said about long term charts, you are exalting yourself for very ordinary things: nothing new under the sun.

But honestly, do you think that I would trade just on the base of those signals even if they look good? No no no, it doesn't work that way. I let trade those signals to you, because I want you become the richest man on the earth :-)

About technical indicators (OMG here I would need to fill dozens of forum pages) : over the span of my career I personally developed several indicators and some of those looks incredibly accurate on several occasions, I should admit that I also have an emotional attachment to them (and I need to remember myself continuously, that is something that should never be done in trading) and when I analyze markets i'm allowed to check them for less than 1 minute. You could think that it is something stupid or maniacal, but simply this routine allow me to remember that I need to be detached from them because this keep me in the reality of the market flow. Do you remeber how the orange fox (in post  #173) looks like?  :D

Actually, from your speeches, what I understand is that you are exalting yourself because you discovered that maybe it is possible to trade profitably: this is what I see. I don't see holy grails.

We speak different languages, because I deal everyday with real money risk. You are talking based on what you see on history and "what could be", but when you will start to put real money on the line, your will change drastically your look and there will be pain and tears before you can even dream to reach some consistency.

I hope, with my comments, to be a contribution to mental opening for traders that want to trade from a professional perspective but to make this happen you need to read between the lines, beyond what appears easy or logical and keep always a skeptical attitude because this is a good ally to defend your assets.

Now I have the impression of having stumbled into a sterile discussion that goes near ridiculous locations, so my comments stop here. I readed somewhere that if you want a man to change his belief it is better to shut up and let him meditate alone.

Enjoy your trading guys!

Indanguang Samrow Panmei
Indanguang Samrow Panmei  
correctly said ;D
Enrique Dangeroux
Enrique Dangeroux  

The EuroDollar Holy Grail for 13-03-2018

EuroDollar M6 Holy Grail

There certainly is a Holy Grail!

I am determined to learn how to trade it 100%.

I am human.

It is human to look for the "Holy Grail" in trading. 

Here is today´s "Holy Grail" time frame: EuroDollar Customized M6 MACD.

The "Holy Grail" is the complete trading plan made up of all the trading rules, not just one time frame. It includes the rule on when and how to move from longer time frame to longer time frame. 

The "Holy  Grail" has the MACD as prime indicator. The Stochastic is used for divergence and confirmation. 

My aim is to learn to understand the customized MACD to such an extent that I can remove the Stochastic. I am not there yet. 

If you do not believe that it is right to look for the "Holy Grail" in trading, then don´t  waste your time reading this thread. Go and make your passive investment 5% per year profits. I am on my way of learning how to make at least 5% profits ( only a paltry 10 Euro Pips) PER DAY while I compound 100% . Einstein knew what he was talking about. I don´t have to spend 66 years to work it out. He did it for me. I trust him. 

There is a magical Einstein Formula. He supplied the formula to everyone - for free. Bless his soul!  He is a genius. I am not. I trust him. I just have to supply one little part of the formula: daily profits. That´s it: daily profits. So, I will. (OK, so I shortened the iteration a little bit. OK, Ok. So, I am greedy. So what! "Greed is good" Michael Doughlas said so in that movie!).

Yes, sometimes it results in 300% profit in three days! Lovely, isn´t it? :-)

Sometimes in 100% profit in one day in the EuroDollar market at only 50 leverage. 

This is what forex trading is about. This is why I am here and why I am not leaving. This was made for me! :-) :-) 

Viva MT5! :-) 

(Enjoy your 5% per annum passive investment profits to the rest of you muggles. :-)

Another way of stating the above is saying: There is a new exiting computer game played in the forex market called: "Einstein´s 5 Percent Profit Per Day - and Compounding! (Ten percent per day is better!).

Forex trading is very much like a computer game. I ´m sure the kids would love it and make billions. 

They would succeed since their minds would not be influenced by preconceived ideas about forex trading that normal traders are subjected to.

I am lucky. I had a epiphany experience in macro economics in 1995 which makes me disregard all fundamental economic concepts in all areas. 

I found it to be true in many respects in forex trading. That is why I look at forex trading in a totally different way. I believe nothing. 

My default reaction to any new area is: this is all absolute nonsense. I have to verify all fundamental concepts. 

There are a lot of fake and fraudulent concepts as well as absolute lies in forex trading. It is easy for me to see right through them. Zero commision. Ha, ha!

Don´t get me wrong. I know that forex trading is the ultimate game. 

That is why I am here and I am not leaving. 

This was made for me :-)

I plan to win. :-) See my charts!

You are way to modest. Give yourself some credit!

Enrique Dangeroux
Enrique Dangeroux  


This is actually a very serious business. 

I am disgusted (in desperation) with myself for not yet having developed the simple discipline to follow my customized MACD indicator.

I am as useless as I don´t know what.

I have a fantastically good indicator - which I developed I don´t really know why and I don´t really know how -  and I cannot yet develop the discipline to trade it properly and to follow it correctly. 

It is a disgrace and I am that disgrace. 

I am determined to fix that. 


There are a lot of fake and fraudulent concepts as well as absolute lies in forex trading. It is easy for me to see right through them. Zero commision. Ha, ha!

Marco vd Heijden
Marco vd Heijden  

It's a holy demo grail.

Ha ha.

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