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Coding help - page 772

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Mladen Rakic
Mladen Rakic  


Please can anyone tell me how to fix this error.

I am trying to compile a script from trading view on MetaEditor.


Thank you :D

You can not compile that code in metatrader (try compiling metatrader code on that trading platform and see what happens there - different coding languages and different trading platforms not compatible at all)

Use metatrader code


Coding help needed!!!

CODE that calculates the profit of the last x orders (for example last 10,50), the thing is that it has to calculate between profit of open orders and some closed orders too.

Is there a "short way" to retrieve this information or I have to do all the

1)see if I have open orders

2)calculate profit on those

3)calculate profit on the diference of the x number of orders Im calculating (for example if it were the last 10, and calculated the 2 open orders, then calculate profit on the remaining 8 in history and filtering the deleted orders)

TYVM, I just started to study like a couple of months ago and I already have +500 lines of code!!!!! this is awesome!!!



Can anyone make ribbon for Fx Sniper with option of choosing other time frame?
Fixed Attributes: MAType=3,MAshift=0,Pricetype=6

Changable Attribute: MAperiod between 1 to 200

Required: 3 ribbons able to choose different MA length (for 5m or 10m or 60m)

Can anyone help me on this, please.

It works nicely in ou market but need to switch between chart of different time frame for holding or exit

Ribbon shows all status in one window,

Cheers and thanks in advance


Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  

Please don't double post. I removed your other one.

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