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Could someone direct me to an EA which only opens Buy and Sell positions without need to trail or close, for one of my projects. Thanks.

Sorry? without or need?


set buy and sell stops at a set time

is there a ea out there that sets buy and sell stops at a set time,it has to set stops at the HH and LL of the last 2 hours settable


Close all trades EA


I am looking for an EA that will close off all trades plus buy and sell stop trades.

I have an EA which has placed so many stop trades that it would take hours to close them manually.



A simple Script Please

PLease can a member of this forum help me code a script or Expert Advisor that closes all trades on my platform at a particular GMT time

I would be very happy if someone can help me out

Thanks in advance


Search: EA which close all after reaching xxx pips ?

i look for a EA, which controlls all open position (whether if they are looser or winner) and close all this postions if a number of pips is reached...

thanks for the help (and sorry for my bad english)



EA that automatically closes manualy opened positions

Hello fellow traders, I am looking for a solution to reliably and effectively have an EA manage all my manually opened trades. I am under the firm belief that a human who is trained can pick better buy and sell signals than a computer. I also believe a computer can do a better job managing the exit if that human walks away and lets the computer manage the close for him. I don't want to use the built in TP and SL in MT4 for broker manipulation reasons.

I have tried multiple versions out there and have not found one that is stable and works as advertised. I even paid a programmer to program an idea I had a while back and kind of abandoned the idea but now I want to reopen this can of worms to see what is possible.

I am sharing my rough draft version of this type of EA in hopes some programmers/traders can look at it and make it better and we can all benefit of such a useful, yet elusive tool. The e-smartTrailing EA just does not work reliably and the Swiss Army EA I just could not get to work.

Anyone care to pick apart my EA? Below is the basis I used for Mikhail to program this EA. I am not a programmer so I can only speculate what I aksed for has been programmed. I also tried to have it program to determine the lots sizes to buy/sell where all you have to do is hit the buy/sell button. This portion seemed dodgy and may not even be feasible. This EA still needs work. It may be too complex altogether, who knows, and just need to be slimmed down. I would like to be able to buy or sell as many times as you want and the EA can handle more than one trade, per currency, per chart at a time.

See the attached EA and a text file that explains how the EA works.




Guys can anyone make this EA works for real account like FXOpen because it's only works for Alpari demo. I think the problem why the EA onl;y works for Alpari is because the decimal problem. FXOpen 4 digit decimal but Alpari 5 digit decimal. Please somebody make it works for real account. Before post the new version please try first at least because i get the zero divide error from expert tab when try to change it.

Helpme guys...


Help me get my orders placed?

Hi everone,

I have not posted on here before but someone on another forum informed me that this is the place to come for a bit of coding help.

I have to admit that I know nothing about coding or scripts on MT4 and I am sure what I would like is very simple to those with the necessary knowledge.

All I want is to be able to place a trade with one click without having to manually calculate S/L, T/P etc. ... can't be too hard !

I am trading on the 1minute T/F and would like to be able to (in a simple click) enter a trade which will AUTOMATICALLY do the following :

* Close all Current Open Trades

* Then place the following (at current Market Price):

* Place Order 1 with 15 pip S/L and a +10 T/P

* Place Order 2 with 15 pip S/L and once it hits +10 pips move the S/L to breakeven

I want to close Order 2 manually (unless S/L hit).

I would think two scripts would be needed (1 for Buy and 1 for Sell) with adjustable lot sizes and S/L and T/P settings option.

If anyone fancies helping me then it would be greatly appreciated, - please either post or PM me if you can help.



PS - I have tried editing another script that someone passed on to me, but when I try to compile it I get the message "Access is denied" having some changes to the source in MetaEditor ... can anyone help me sort this out as well ?


Is there such a thing as buy market script/sell market script


I'm looking for such script mentioned above already search the forum but failed to find them

my broker uses market execution instead of instant execution...

if anyone has one could you please share it with us?



Front end trading software

I never post before in this forum, just catching up reading and learning, great forum by the way!. I have a question, does anybody know of a software that will make putting your orders faster than the one provided by metatrader, I mean a front end program like "autotrader", "bracket trader", but just for metatrader, or may be there is an EA that does that?