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InvertPosition - script for MetaTrader 5

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2012.09.21 09:19
2016.11.22 07:32

The script is developed for reversing open positions with fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit values in points from the current price and the volume depending on the reversed position. The size of a reversed position is limited by the half of the maximum allowable deal volume for the currency pair.

Input parameters:

input double VOLUME=1.0;    // The volume of the final position in relation to the initial
input int  DEVIATION=10;    // Price deviation
input int  STOPLOSS=300;    // Stop loss in points from the current price
input int  TAKEPROFIT=800;  // Take profit in points from the current price
input uint RTOTAL=4;        // The number of repeats on unsuccessful transactions
input uint SLEEPTIME=1;     // Pause time in seconds between repeats

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Original code:

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Moving Average: 3-Pole Butterworth Filter. The indicator is based on the code of Witold Wozniak.