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2010.10.14 09:55

RSI Mirror - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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RSI_Mirror.mq4 (2.17 KB)view


Another simple, powerfull and profitable Mirror Indicator.

Use like and with MA_Mirror for best result.

Entry when each indicator (MA & RSI Mirror) show the same direction and exit when different.


MA_Mirror EA MA_Mirror EA

Based on the idea of pramono72 I wrote an Expert Advisor for it. It may also server as a simple way to write expert advisors using an include file and very few code lines.

Moving Average Mirror Moving Average Mirror

Entry BUY after Red Line crossing up the Blue Line and exit before the Red Line crossing down the Blue Line. Opposite position : entry SELL after Red Line crossing down the Blue Line.


Upgraded version of Slope Direction Line.

MACD Mirror MACD Mirror

The Next Generation of MA Mirror, completed with SignalSMA.