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2010.07.26 09:29

Easiest ever - expert for MetaTrader 4

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EUR/USD H1 2010.01.01-07.23 Deposit: 10000, Lot: 1.

This is my first expert advisor, that's why it is so simple. For all timeframes and currency pairs. Opens position (when the daily candle opens) into the direction of previous day candle, and closes position every day at the earliest market closing hour of the week (friday). It works without stoploss, takeprofit, and trailing stop.

Simple Trend Detector Simple Trend Detector

Simple Trend Detector. Use the same as RSI and DeM.

AutoMagiCal AutoMagiCal

Auto Magic Nr. Calc The Magic Nr. per ASC II Code from Symbols

Modified Brooky Strength Indicator Modified Brooky Strength Indicator

Displays the stength of a currency based on 7 of its crosses. Origianally done by Brooky a few pages back in the code base.

Second Easiest Second Easiest

Works with open, high, and low prices of the current day.