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VIDYA indicator - indicator for MetaTrader 4

2009.09.08 06:08
2014.04.21 14:54
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Variable Index Dynamic Average use an exponential smooting as a base of varying the speed or the trend each day. Which use a pivotal smoothing constant and varies the speed by using a factor base on the relative volatility to increase or decrease the constant. Volatility measure based on the standard deviation compared with a longer historic pattern.

Adaptive RSI Adaptive RSI

Adaptive RSI indicator

VHF (Vertical Horizontal Filter) VHF (Vertical Horizontal Filter)

Вертикальный горизонтальный фильтр (VHF) показывает, в какой фазе находится рынок: в фазе направленного движения или застоя.

HistoryTraning (NEW VERSION) HistoryTraning (NEW VERSION)

The adviser allows you to try manual trading on the historical date (NEW VERSION / BUGS CORRECTED / NEW FUNCTIONS ADDED)

GetPaneHeights GetPaneHeights

This function calculates the heights in pixel of all panes in a window.