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HistoryTraning - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2009.09.02 07:59
2014.04.21 14:54 (577.99 KB)

This program is created for training on historical data. Try it. It’s interesting. This requires to run the application training.exe, open Strategy tester, start testing of the attached expert adviser HistoryTrain.mql. Turn on visual mode and adjust the scroll speed of history. The adviser works with the DLL so it is necessary to allow the DLL in the "Tools" menu, "Options".

Mark the next items:

-Allow dll imports

-Allow live trading

And remove the check mark from the item

-Confirm dll function call

In the application window there are only 3 buttons: buy, sell, close. Look at the currency chart and carry out trading activities on historical data. At the same time look at the chart of profit.

Unpack the archive to the root, then there will be a folder c: \ HistTraining \ in which there are 4 files:

  • HistoryTrain.mql
  • libSharedVarsDLLv2.def
  • SharedVarsDLLv2.dll
  • Training.exe

Copy HistoryTrain. mql to the folder with the experts advisers.

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