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2009.07.09 07:39

MACD Histogram WIS - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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MACD lines and histogram for the Impulse trading system.

The idea:
  • Histogram down (current value less than previous) and line (specified by Line input) does down, the histogram is red - long trades are prohibited;
  • Histogram up (curerent value greater than previous) and line up, the histogram is green - short trades are prohibited;
  • Histogram down and line up (or reverse case) histogram is grey -no restrictions;

The Inertia is defined by Line input parameter:

  • 0 - MA(MAPeriod);
  • 1 - MACD line;
  • 2 - Signal signal line.

Other input parameters:

  • FastMA - Period of Fast Moving Average;
  • SlowMA - Period of Slow Moving Average;
  • SignalMA - Period of the Signal Line;
  • MAPeriod - Period of Moving Average if Line = 0;
  • MAMethod - Averaging Method (MODE_EMA by default);
  • MAAppliedPrice - Applied Price (PRICE_CLOSE by default);
  • Line - described above;
  • DigitsInc - Precision format Digits + DigitsInc

MACD Histogram WIS

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