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2009.04.24 08:23

iMAX3alert Fast trend alert indicator. - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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iMAX3alert.mq4 (25.78 KB)view

This version of the iMAX indicator is an example of how methods used in iMAX3 can be more fully developed into useful trading tools, especially programming the amplitude phase shifts for the higher speed hp trend detection modes introduced in iMAX3. This version is also liberally commented to aid in better understanding the mechanics of all the iMAX indicators.

  • Optional display of trend arrows.
  • Optional trend arrow sizes.
  • Optional color selections for all phases and trend arrows.
  • Optional generation of trend change alerts.
  • Optional Trend detection mode selections. Functions with 20 approved currency pairs in iMAX hp modes or universally in iMAX mode 0.
wajdyss_نسبة امتلاء الشمعة_Indicator_V3 wajdyss_نسبة امتلاء الشمعة_Indicator_V3

to show the proportion of filled candle

iMAX3 Fast Trend Detector iMAX3 Fast Trend Detector

A hybrid indicator where three selectable phase shifted filtered signals can be used, either indivually, or collectively to detect price trends.

wajdyss_Candles_Length_indicator_v1 wajdyss_Candles_Length_indicator_v1

To show the difference between (the High and Low) or between (the opening and closing) by choosing

wajdyss_MA_indicator_v2 wajdyss_MA_indicator_v2

This indicator for draw an Arrows for buy & sell , it's Depends on 2 Moving Averages