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wajdyss_نسبة امتلاء الشمعة_Indicator_V3 - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2009.04.23 06:18
2014.04.21 14:53

to show the proportion of filled candle

iMAX3 Fast Trend Detector iMAX3 Fast Trend Detector

A hybrid indicator where three selectable phase shifted filtered signals can be used, either indivually, or collectively to detect price trends.

wajdyss_RSI_indicator_v1 wajdyss_RSI_indicator_v1

This indicator for draw an Arrows for buy & sell, it's Depends on RSI Indicator

iMAX3alert Fast trend alert indicator. iMAX3alert Fast trend alert indicator.

A useful well behaved stand alone chart tool for traders, and a practical demonstration and application of principles used in the iMAX3 indicator previously submitted.

wajdyss_Candles_Length_indicator_v1 wajdyss_Candles_Length_indicator_v1

To show the difference between (the High and Low) or between (the opening and closing) by choosing