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2016.07.01 11:40
i-DivMACD.mq4 (11.21 KB)view

If the blue bar is directed upwards, the price will also go up. Downwards - likewise.

Dots indicate the identified peaks (fractals) of the specified indicator.

Red bars are the maximum peaks (weak signal that the price will "roll back" and slightly move against the trend)

i-Divergency.mq4 - divergence based on stochastic

i-DivMACD.mq4 - divergence based on MACD

If you want to analyze any other indicators - replace the line


with the required one

There can also be false signals. Can't do without them.

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Original code:

Channel and the angle of its inclination using the least squares method Channel and the angle of its inclination using the least squares method

It responds to market faster than the MA (moving average)

ZeroLag MACD Colored ZeroLag MACD Colored

The ZeroLag MACD Colored indicator is a modification of the ZeroLag MACD. Added coloring of the histogram bars relative to the previous bar, if the previous bar is below/above the current.

NTK 07 NTK 07

Expert Advisor for trend trading with lot increase

Channels Channels

The indicator plots channels on three different timeframes (by default 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day) and displays them on one chart. Also, for greater clarity, it displays the boundaries of each channel on the chart.