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Opening Positions - script for MetaTrader 4

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2016.07.01 09:50

When opening a position the scripts automatically set the lot size (three options: fixed lot and two options as described here

At the same time the scripts try to select a stop loss and (equal) take profit. Those are set as safety measure, they will probably need to be modified after a position is opened.

If necessary, it is possible to set saving the chart screenshot at the moment the position is opened, so that it is possible to review the actions later, not the history when everything is clear, but the situation at the time the position was opened, in order to try to remember "why did I do that".

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Original code:

Doubler Doubler

Simple Expert Advisor that simultaneously opens two positions in different directions, provided that the stop loss of the losing position triggers 5 points earlier than the take profit of the profitable one.

Stochastic Divergence Stochastic Divergence

Divergence based on a standard Stochastic with Alert and language selection.

#MarketPrice #MarketPrice

Really helps in trading

Divergence based on a standard MACD with Alert and language selection. Divergence based on a standard MACD with Alert and language selection.

The MACD is not required to be present on the chart. However, if a standard MACD is attached, the divergence lines will be drawn both on the chart and in the indicator window, and the indicator will use the MACD settings.