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2008.12.22 07:27
2014.04.21 14:53
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It shows the tick chart in a separate indicator window, places the separators in accordance with the current timeframe.

The feature are it manages its own database of ticks with the depth of nearly eight days, and that base can be viewed (for analysis) by specifying the date/time to start displaying the chart from and the number of ticks to be viewed in the settings.

If the "Start" and "TikChart" parameters are the default ones, i.e. they're equal to 0 and 350 respectively, then it displays the current 350 ticks.

It is unfinished, now it can be attached to only one symbol.

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Original code:

RSIColored_v1, DivPeakTroughRSI_SW RSIColored_v1, DivPeakTroughRSI_SW

The divergence of RSI, the continuation of the divergence topic.

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OsMA. OsMA Divergence OsMA. OsMA Divergence

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