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Pipsing_Close_on_DROP - script for MetaTrader 4

Aleksandr Pak | English 日本語 Русский 中文 Español Deutsch Português

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2008.11.09 08:30
2016.11.22 07:32

The script closes any position using the Drag'n'Drop method,
i.e. the method of "drag the script with the mouse and drop it on the order lines".

The closing of a position will be performed just at the moment of releasing the script.

Take the script with the mouse and wait for the favorable moment not releasing the button.

The edge of the mouse cursor points the order line with a clearance.

The size of the clearance is specified by the Region parameter.

The script closes all types of orders and deletes the pending orders.

The open orders are closed first, then comes the limits' turn.

The operation of the script is limited with the predefined region.

The script has two modes:

а) closing only one closest order, the ALL_on_region parameter is set =0;

b) closing of all orders that are within the envelope of the mouse pointer +/- Region.

the ALL_on_region parameter =1;

For the accurate choice of the closest order from many ones the Region should not be wide. It is enough to set it to 10 on the minute charts.

If that value is specified you can close only the positions which lines are visible on the screen.

The script can close all positions if you specify a value that is certainly greater than the trading range,

for example, if Region=3000, then all orders will be closed because

the range of searching the orders is specified as +/-3000 points.

If a DC refuses to close an order the attempts with the new prices will be repeated as much as specified number of repetiotions Repetiotions=6.

For example, if the price is at the distance of the freeze level when a DC refuses to close the order, the new attempt

will be performed with the new price.

If the price is within the freeze level the script doesn't refuse to close the order for the following reasons: the price at the closing moment + the gap may appear to be within the permitted range.

If the order is already closed by the StopLoss or TakeProfit the attempts are stopped.

You can modify the parameters of the script only via the MetaEditor.

For the sake of clarity the modifiable parameters are marked as external.

extern int ALL_on_region=1;//1= closes all orders within the region. 0- only the closest one.

extern int Region=10; // size of the action region in points up and down, i.e 2*Region

extern int Slippage=6; // gap for DC.

extern int Repetitioons=6; // number of attempts to close an order.

Instruction: put it at the experts\scripts\ folder and compile.

For working

Plan A.

close position:

-open "Navigator";

-select this script;

-press the left mouse button on it;

-drag it to the order line and do not release;

-wait for the favorable moment;

-release the button - the position will be closed;

Plan B.

refuse from closing, situation: you activated the script, waited for the favorable moment but then changed your mind:

- take away the mouse pointer rather far off the order;

- release the button.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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