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CLEAR_CHART_ON_NAME_AND_TYPE - script for MetaTrader 4

Aleksandr Pak | English 日本語 Русский 中文 Español Deutsch Português

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2008.11.09 08:30
2016.11.22 07:32

CLEAR_CHART_ON_NAME_AND_TYPE script selectively clears the chart by the part of the name and/or by the type of the object.

The lines, marks, texts, channles are accumulated on the chart.

The experiments with the indicators leave thousands of graphic arrows.

You can close and reopen the chart to clear it.

Then you can apply a template to restore the settings.

However all graphical objects will be erased.

24 objects are appplied in MQL 4. They are the vertical and horizontal lines, trend lines, channel lines, Fibo, etc.

This srcipt has 25 parameters for the selective deleting.

The selectivity is specified with the external parameters:

First of all it is any part of the objects' names.

For example: "#" will clear the graphical history of the trades.

Then comes a bonus: the list of the objects that can be deleted using this script.

All fields are inactive on default.


1. if all fields are inactive, i.e. they are empty or equal to False then the screen will be cleared from all the objects, i.e. the script will delete all graphical objects if you don't modify its parameters.

2. if you change even one parameter:

- specify a part of the object's name: only the objects that contain that part will be deleted.

- specify a type of the graphical objects: all the objects of that type will be deleted.

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Original code:

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