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2008.07.14 08:01
2014.04.21 14:52

First of all, the script removes all previously created objects-arrows from the chart. Then it arranges the arrows in accordance with the opened, closed, pending orders from the history of terminal. The color and the direction of an arrow is determined by the type of the order: SELL - red, BUY - blue, pending orders - yellow. A balloon-tip, containing the information about the type of the order, its price and ticket, appears as soon as you put the cursor of your mouse over it. The length of the displayed history is determined by the "Account History" tab of the client terminal.

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Original code:

InnOutBar_mtf InnOutBar_mtf

Another indicator that displays the signals for buying and selling.

InnBar_mtf InnBar_mtf

The indicator InnBar_mtf.

ModifyOrder ModifyOrder

The modification of an order (position) using the mouse - the second script from the "GMO" ("Graphical Management of Orders") series.

CrossMA CrossMA

Almost classical TS based on the intersection of two MA.