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2008.07.15 08:09
2014.04.21 14:52
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A TS based on the intersection of two MA, stop/loss is placed automatically on the basis of ATR value, when a position is closed or opened a message is sent on the e-mail. The parameters, surely, can be selected by testing on the history.

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Original code:

ModifyOrder ModifyOrder

The modification of an order (position) using the mouse - the second script from the "GMO" ("Graphical Management of Orders") series.

Visible Pos Visible Pos

A script for visualization of trades on the chart. It is useful when you change the account/PC.

Average Volatility Average Volatility

The script performs the calculation of the average volatility of the symbol on the specified interval.

Reverse Reverse

It reverses all the positions on the current symbol.