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2008.07.15 08:09
2014.04.21 14:52
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To modify/delete/close a position/pending order you should:

1) Get acquainted with this instruction =)
2) !Specify default values!

(they are below the description, they begin and end with the entry: //+----------------------------------------------+ )

3) Allow the import of external experts

Menu "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Expert Advisors" -> "Allow external experts imports" (it is necessary to describe an error that may occur while placing an order)

4) Drag the script to the chart

not far from the order/position that is to be modified.

5) Move all the lines to the necesasry levels:

- Open_Price_Line (white by default) - open price (ONLY FOR THE PENDING ORDERS)

- Stop_Loss_Line (red) - Stop Loss level

- Take_Profit_Line (green) - Take Profit level

- Expiration_Line (yellow) - time of expiration (ONLY FOR THE PENDING ORDERS)

To remove the Stop Loss/Take Profit/Expiration time just delete the corresponding line. To remove the pending order or close the position - delete the Open_Price_Line line.

6) Press the "OK" button when everything is ready.

To stop the script working at any time press the "Cancel" button.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

Visible Pos Visible Pos

A script for visualization of trades on the chart. It is useful when you change the account/PC.

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Another indicator that displays the signals for buying and selling.

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Almost classical TS based on the intersection of two MA.

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