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forecast osc - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2016.04.26 16:41
Author: Nick Bilak

The indicator has been discussed in this topic.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

Doji Arrows Doji Arrows

The indicator finds Doji candlesticks and highlights them on the chart.

dayHL_Average dayHL_Average

The indicator plots levels based on the previous days.

i-BigBarsFromH1 i-BigBarsFromH1

The indicator is designed for displaying the candles of any higher timeframe on the H1 chart. It is also possible to display the candles of the non-standard timeframes: H5, H7 or H11. The upward and downward bars are filled with different colors.

i-Cross&Main i-Cross&Main

The indicator calculates the product of GBPUSD x USDCHF. Painted red, GBPCHF - black (repeats the price on the upper chart)