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2016.04.26 14:02
MACD_v1.mq4 (12.14 KB)view

This is my old development, at certain parameters it seems to show profit too.

It was created similarly to EA that won the first place in the championship (at least in my opinion).

See, test, optimize, improve, if any questions come up - ask!

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Original code:

MultiTimeFrame Indicator MultiTimeFrame Indicator

This indicator help you keep 3 different timeframes on the screen to see the price action clearly on both short term and long term without switching buttons.

Hidden StopLoss Hidden StopLoss

This library is made for experts that need to calculate StopLoss and TakeProfit without putting SL/TP points on the trade.


The "Directional Movement" (+/-DM) indicator. Developed by Wilder to improve the PTP indicator.

DT-ZigZag DT-ZigZag

Originally the DT mode was used by klot in his DT-ZigZag.mq4 indicator.