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At random - expert for MetaTrader 5

2022.06.28 18:20
At random.mq5 (51.92 KB) view
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Description of the EA

At the time of the birth of a new bar, the Expert Advisor randomly generates a signal to open a position. Before that, the previous position is closed automatically.

At random

Pic. 1. At random

    MACD Four Colors Arrow MACD Four Colors Arrow

    A series of indicators 'Four Colors'. Signals are now 'Arrow' in the main window

    Exponential Range Average & Deviation Offset Exponential Range Average & Deviation Offset

    An exponential moving average of the true range and the offset of its average deviation

    At random Full At random Full

    The Expert Advisor is a joke: the position is opened randomly. Now there is a Stop Loss, Take Profit and much more

    Two pending orders 2 Two pending orders 2

    Two pending orders at the beginning of the day