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AMA Trader 2 - expert for MetaTrader 5

2022.06.02 18:13
AMA Trader 2.mq5 (137.68 KB) view

Version 2 added ' Time control ' group and removed ' Profit limit for close all ' and ' Withdrawal ' parameters. Added trailing lot size control (description of new functions is in the RSI Dual Cloud EA code).

Checking the trading signal - only at the moment of the birth of a new bar.

When generating a trading signal, the Expert Advisor considers two indicators: iAMA (Adaptive Moving Average, AMA) and iRSI (Relative Strength Index, RSI). The signal itself is created in two steps. On the example of the "Open Buy" signal:

AMA Trader

Step 1: RSI Must be below level 30 (this level in the EA is set in the parameter   RSI Level Down ). Step 2: The price must overcome the AMA indicator. To search for the optimal combination of two indicators, the Step Length parameter is introduced   - distance in bars between Step 1 and Step 2.


When a trading order is received, we separately request profit for BUY positions and SELL positions. If a trade order is received:

  • "Open Buy"
    • if profit on BUY positions is less than 0.0 - open two BUY positions
    • otherwise open one BUY position
  • "Open Sell"
    • if profit on SELL positions is less than 0.0 - open two SELL positions
    • otherwise open one SELL position

    OrderExecution OrderExecution

    Just a very simple expert that execute orders from a text file.

    VIDYA N Bars Borders VIDYA N Bars Borders

    iVIDYA (Variable Index Dynamic Average) indicator with levels for N bars

    DeMarker Pending 2_5 DeMarker Pending 2_5

    Finalization of previous version. Now, when opening a 'SELL' position, we immediately close all 'BUY' positions and vice versa: when opening a 'BUY' position, we immediately close all 'SELL' positions

    MACD Stochastic Square MACD Stochastic Square

    A series of indicators 'Square' - shows the state of the indicators in the form of lines of squares. Displays two indicators: MACD and Stochactic